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Landing Page Design
In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar. Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).
A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. Dedicated, promotion-specific landing pages are what we’ll be focusing on. Dedicated landing pages are standalone pages that are designed for a specific marketing campaign.
 Types of Landing Page
Lead Generation landing pages: use a web form as the Call to Action, for the purpose of collecting lead data such as names and email addresses. This is the primary type of landing page used for B2B marketing.
Click-Through landing pages: are typically used for e-commerce and have a simple button as the Call to Action.
Landing pages live separately from your website and are designed to only receive campaign traffic. As we’ll see, this separation allows them to be focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporting & testing a simpler task.
 What are Landing Pages Used For
Reports/Whitepapers with important industry facts and statistics.
Ebooks for comprehensive guides about different aspects of your business vertical.
Newsletters with tips related to your area of subject matter expertise.
Podcasts for people who like to listen & learn during a commute or workout.
Checklists/Scorecards for people that like to see how well they are doing and/or benefit from a to-do list.
Blog subscription to receive ongoing content via email or RSS.
Webinar registration for live online sessions, often with Q&A with experts and special guest presenters.
Presentations or recorded sessions including video or slides.
Consultation services or booking meetings for someone to request your time or services.
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